Getting Started

Guides for beginners & advanced users

  1. 1) Download the wallet here
  2. 2) Create new wallet file

  3. 3) Copy your address and go to our faucet

  4. 4) Input your address into the form and receive your free coins

  5. 5) Enjoy your free coins :)
  1. 1) Download XMR-STAK here
  2. 2) Open terminal and navigate to /xmr-stak/bin
  3. 3) Enter ./xmr-stak
  4. 4) Enter this information when prompted:

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ObscureGO Wallet doesnt load
  • Please download the ObscureElectrum wallet instead
  • If the wallet still doesnt work, you will have to use zedwallet, which is the CLI wallet
  • Go to the latest obscureIM release
  • Download the latest archive for your OS
  • Extract the archive to somewhere you can find
  • If you are on macos/linux run ./Obscured. Wait for the obscured to sync. Then run ./walletd and open your .wallet file.
  • Similarly for windows run Obscured.exe and wait for it to sync. Then run zedwallet.exe and put your wallet file in the same folder. Open using zedwallet
  • ObscureGO wallet loads, but wont connect
  • Save your .wallet file somewhere safe
  • Delete the WHOLE /ObscureGO/ folder
  • Redownload the latest release of ObscureGo
  • In ObscureGO , choose a node that shows the node fee. If it shows (?XSC), it means that the node is offline or you closed port 10071
  • If all fails, please come to discord and send a screenshot of your ObscureGo.log file :). We will be more than happy to help :)
  • Requirements
  • You can run a full node from your personal pc, but i recommend you purchase a VPS on digital ocean
  • You can get free 100$ credit by signing up using this referral link
  • Next, create a droplet with Ubuntu 16.4
  • You need to download the compiled version of the core client, namely Obscured/Obscured.exe from here
  • Next go to the Obscured-ha repo and follow the instructions