About Obscure

What is a cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is essentially a virtual currency that can be used to buy and sell goods and services (similar to USD, CAD, JPY, etc.). Transactions are encrypted and transferred from one virtual “wallet” to another, without needing to go through a traditional bank or credit card provider. This allows you to avoid the fees you usually face when going through a bank (e.g. currency exchange rates, processing fees, etc.). A key feature of cryptocurrencies is decentralization, as all transactions are recorded into the network, which prevents against fraud and attacks (as there is no single source that holds all the data). It also uses cryptographic code to secure the network, which makes it near impossible to counterfeit.

What is Obscure?

Obscure is a cryptocurrency that maintains private and rapid transaction speeds through shorter block time. A key difference between Obscure and other private cryptocurrencies is that Obscure is built with compulsory privacy from the genesis block. This prevents exploitation on the Obscure Chain when blockchain analytics are utilized.

What is the point of Obscure?

Obscure is a fully private cryptocurrency that allows you to spend in a fully private manner, without fear of being surveilled by malevolent entities. In addition, the main purpose of Obscure is also to facilitate a payments layer for a decentralized marketplace. The Obscure team is currently developing a decentralized marketplace where Obscure will be the first settlement layer. All products sold on the Obscure.IM marketplace will be paid in XSC.

How is Obscure different?

• Obscure has one of the fastest transaction times (15 second block times). Our transaction costs are dynamic and it is pegged to 10 cents per transaction. • Obscure has a variable mining algorithm that is both ASIC-friendly and ASIC-resistant, because ASICs are required to secure short block times but it is also important that the network is not centralized within ASIC farms. • A highly active community with updates every week.

Does Obscure support non-private transactions?

No. All transactions within the Obscure chain will be obfuscated with other transactions.

What is Proof Of Work (PoS)?

Obscure network is secured via the Proof Of Work consensus. This means that there are miners on the network which solves a challenging mathematical problem before the chain can be propagated.

How do I mine XSC?

In order to mine some XSC, you can download the XMR-STAK miner and point your miner to our pool.

How often should I expect to find a new block?

It depends on your network weight in comparison with the total network hash. Also, if your pool has many miners, the reward will be split

Why does the mining rewards change over time?

We are using a non-linear emission factor. This means that the rewards per block will reduce, with 60% of all coins being mined in the first year alone.

What do I need to do to get started?

Read our getting started page!

How To Get XSC

Which exchanges to use?

We are currently not on any exchanges since it is quite early in the project phase. However, we are working on getting XSC listed!

Getting Started With XSC

Which wallet should I download?

We recommend you to download our main wallet which can be found here.

How do I keep my XSC safe?

We highly recommend you to not keep your XSC on an exchange since some exchanges have been victims of cyber attacks in the past. To keep your XSC safe, simply ensure that you keep your private keys safe.

How can I contribute to Obscure?

We are currently looking for front end developers and documentation writers. Bounties in XSC will be given.

Technical Issues

Who do I contact if I'm having technical issues?

Come over to our telegram chat or discord.